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Are you at the right place ?

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Silent Ripple Collection

Towel for the art lovers. Towel for the naturist. Weave that resonates with movement, our wave towel is hand-woven in 30 hours over a 100-year-old loom. Its loose weave gives it a silk-like sheen and soft texture. Apt as a beach/yoga towel and also a throw apart from being perfect as an everyday towel

Earth Lines Collection

Inspired by modern simplicity, this towel subtly shows off an age-old complex construction technique using thirteen colors to produce a harmonious subtle look. This towel is symbolic of tying modern design to a 17th-century heritage of weaving and fringe-tying technique.

Earth Lines Hand Towel Slate
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Earth Lines Hand Towel In Pink
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Earth Lines Bath Towel Tan
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Earth Lines Bath Towel Pink
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Modern Love Collection

Elements inspired by the geometry rich Ottoman period, retrofitted into a modern charming motif to form a celibate pattern for our modern love collection. This geometric art piece is hand-woven on an age-old loom to attain its double-side weave. Its uber-soft weave and light weight makes this a perfect piece to add a contemporary, chic element to your travel, spa, beach or gym bag.

Modern Love Bath Towel Slate Grey
Sold out

Mute Eloquence Collection

 Inspired from a historic arabesque motif, our most complex weave, a towel of the highest craftsmanship and complexity. Handwoven on an antique jacquard loom, a unique dyeing and weaving process gives this towel a silk-like sheen. Made for a leisure day by the pool on a royal holiday, for being an elegant travel companion or even a throw on a sombre couch. True textile enthusiasts can make out the value of this intricately loomed piece at one glance.

Plush and Bare Collection

Crème de la crème, the ultra-soft towels from this collection are crafted with serious technique and get softer with each wash for decades to come. Fine Turkish cotton fibres are just washed gently with black salt and looped by hand to preserve its long fibres while taming the cotton without chemicals. These preserved long fibres ensure supreme, long lasting absorbency. The finest drawn balance between nature and luxury, this collection is one of our best offerings.

Indulgent Bath Gift Hampers

Gift an entire “mood” this festive season with our LUXURY BATH HAMPERS. EC’s unique offerings of handcrafted Towel Perfumes, Cold Pressed Soaps, Artisanal Fragrance bars and hand poured Candles complement EC’s heritage handwoven towels in these bespoke hampers that are sure to elevate your gifting game this season. A gift that holds an unforgettable experience for your loved ones, for decades to come.