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Are you at the right place ?

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The Underrated Value of ‘Here’ and ‘Now’

December 19, 2020 By Georgiana Dragos
People say that life’s a marathon not a sprint, but those people clearly never experienced the ecstasy of juggling meetings, chores, family life, and exercises on a daily basis. From our desks to our treadmills, we’re all in need of a clean break or a blank slate. And yet, amid the relentless pace of the present, escape presents itself. Or at least the idea that life’s an ongoing sprint does not sit well with most of us.

Too often this escape is associated with unhealthy indulgences that steer us away from our deepest needs. We look down at our phone during a five-minute break or take 15-minute power naps until the punishing reality seeps back in. At this rate, it’s no wonder that 80% of our thoughts are negative.

As the old saying goes: “Physician, heal thyself!” Productivity apps, self-improvement projects, or restrictive diets won’t really put us on a sustainable path toward well-being. It’s time to find escapes within ourselves and measure our time in terms of meaning, not efficiency.
 And all this starts by taking the time to be with ourselves and deciding what is really worthwhile.

The Magic of Bathing Rituals

Every action seems to be tied to a meticulous calculation of the gains we would derive out of it, usually feeding into a projection of our future, better selves. But what about the here and the now? It’s definitely a cause for celebration.

The magic of bathing rituals consists in allowing us to do less, not more. The ultimate goal? Self-care, not self-indulgence. Running a hot bath at the end of a day means that we are grateful for what we have accomplished, and we can start a new day feeling fresh and energized. It requires leaving our sabotaging thoughts and distractions aside and reflecting on what works best for our well-being and brings us at peace.

On Being Kind to Our Skin 

Most of the products we slather on each day are filled with chemicals and processed ingredients. And the more beauty products we use, the more chemicals we absorb. Data shows that we expose ourselves to around 515 synthetic chemicals  from our daily routine alone. At what price?
The key to replenishing skincare is quite simple — drink plenty of water, apply sunscreen, and use organic products as much as possible. Natural ingredients cover the food we eat and the products we use for our skin. Many of them have been used for centuries to get a glowing skin from the inside out and contribute to a holistic approach to beauty.

How About Gazing Out the Window for a Second?

When we’re in the midst of it all, it can be hard to break away and gain some much-needed perspective. More often than not, we are forced to act and make decisions even if our mind is not fully attuned to the heart of the matter.
That’s when gazing out the window or looking out at the horizon can help us slow down and reflect. It might look like unproductive time, but it’s a great step towards discovering what goes on inside our own heads — what is it that we truly  want and need? Answering these questions with a peace of mind will ultimately help us make more informed and meaningful decisions.
There is an underrated value in the here and the now. In creating small moments throughout the day that serve no purpose. When we are not working, or studying, or ticking items off our to-do list. Beauty and goodness are all around us — we should think about them.