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Offbeat Short Films: A Guide To Strikingly Beautiful Stories

There isn’t a rule on what your Christmas movie queue should look like, now is there? For us, Christmas is about motivation, communication, art and storytelling. It’s about what speaks to you and what you would love to share. So, being a bit of an oddball here we made a list of 5 short films from various genres – art, architecture, fashion, food, for your holiday Christmas cheer.


1. Full Circles

This film by actor and activist Lily Cole made with Kwame Ferreira and dancer Carlos Acosta is an inspirational short piece on how architecture allows for creative expression, not just in its design but for the purpose it was built. The Carlos Acosta Dance Academy was built to provide a space for dancers to free themselves, to breathe in the air, surround themselves with nature – things that inspire the artist within them. We picked this movie as it stands true to what our ethos is – it’s a representation of how spatial design, architecture and art interlude powerfully to birth artists.


2. In Residence: Michele Oka Doner

This episode of In Residence features Manhattan based artist, sculptor, painter, designer and the list of accolades goes on – Michele Oka Doner. If there is one person who could embody the spirit of the natural world – it would be her. Perceiving the world as it was made and employing the very same techniques, materials, shapes and textures in her work is a rendition of her childhood, her relationship with the things that surround her and the way she interacts with them. In the episode she talks about how our home is essentially a cave, a place where we can truly be ourselves. Just getting a glimpse of the space she lives in and built for herself, her intriguing pieces and how her home flows seamlessly across various rooms is a revelation in itself.

3. Elizabeth

Celia Arias and director Manuel Mollá in their surreal film showcase a sliver of hope in an otherwise isolated life of an aging woman through fashion. We see the protagonist Elizabeth take us through her mundane life but with a twist. The styling, the couture, the make-up all tie in to portray a lifestyle that contradicts the predicament she is in. In a world where isolation became the norm and finding ways to hold onto hope were more ceaseless – the chance to manifest it through fashion is refreshing.


4. Sister Cities

Jimmy Marble’s narrative short is a commentary on the present day scenario – living through phone screens, sharing cultural experiences, bonding with loved ones and above all finding optimism in an otherwise tragic fate. Miscommunication leads two best-friends to spend their planned holiday in different parts of the world. The split screen treatment allows us to see their mannerisms and the similarities in the days they are experiencing. The short is conceptualised for the MGallery Hotel Collection and is interlaced beautifully with the plot of the story.


5. Anatomy Of A Dish: Estella

Ignacio Mattos, chef of New York’s highly recommended restaurant – Estella, takes us through an almost therapeutic journey of crafting a dish that eludes simplicity yet is so intricate in its make. The short, makes one reflect on the potential of simple things that when brought together have the ability to transpire into something beautiful. It reminds us of our journey, our products, it reminds us of our own story, that when you take simplistic almost mundane things together but have a vision behind it, it can be the strongest piece of art there can ever be.